The newcomer to the delicious scene of cuisine in Scottsdale Arizona is an authentic Indian restaurant offering Gluten Free and Vegan Friendly meals and snacks. This fine diner has taken its name from a Spanish palace called Al Hamra.

“We strive to provide the true Indian experience to our guests that is not available in many so-called Indian restaurants in Phoenix Metro,” said Fasih, co-owner along with his brother and a fine chef Prince, an authentic Indian fine dining experience located on the intersection of Pima and Pinnacle Peak crossing. “It’s important to prepare the food in true Indian tradition, using true Indian recipes and spices” says Prince.

If you have experienced the Indian cuisine before, you will agree that the delicious Indian dishes are well known for their variety of tastes and aromas. The first suggestion is to obviously ask friends for their opinions of Scottsdale locations that serve authentic Indian food; this is usually a good starting point.

When making your selection of an Indian cuisine, ensure that the food is prepared following the most authentic recipes. Only then will you enjoy the traditional Indian food and its aroma. The restaurant you choose to dine at should also use authentic ingredients and spices. A good question to ask is, which country is your chef from?”. Because, if you are choosing an Indian and Pakistani restaurant to experience authentic foods from that region but the chef is not from either India or Pakistan then the chances are that the food will not taste very authentic.

Al Hamra Indian Cuisine, for example, prepares it’s dishes over an unhurried fire in a clay oven called Tandoor which is a true Indian tradition not found in many Indian restaurants of today. “This method of cooking maintains the authenticity and originality of the Indian flavors,” says Prince.

Recipes and methods of food-preparation should be traditional in order to secure aroma and taste of the cuisines. The restaurant must also use the correct Indian spices so that any unwanted and undesirable aromas will not damage the spirit of the food for the customer. This is very important, as many Indian restaurants in Phoenix and Scottsdale often over-season their dishes.

Of course, another great idea is to call the restaurant and ask any questions you may have. An Indian restaurant with the true Indian spirit will be very welcoming to answers all your questions.

Finally, enjoy the experience! An Indian meal at an authentic Indian cuisine must not be taken for granted. It’s time to relax and take in the Indian experience in its entirety – not only the food, but the view, the atmosphere, the serene music, the aromas, and the genuine Indian hospitality.

As Fasih (Partner/Owner) likes to say, “our customer are like my personal guest to me, when they walks into our restaurant, our goal is for them to forget that they’re in Scottsdale Arizona and to fully enjoy our beautiful Indo-Pak culture.”

Thank you for reading our blog and we look forward to see you soon!